Winter is on Its Way! Take Your Soup or Gumbo to the Next Level!

It's chilly out right now, but we are about to be hit with REAL winter weather, and that means it's SOUP SEASON! Serve up your favorite steamy concoction in our Crusty Italian Bread Bowls. They are the perfect texture to use as a soup bowl because the crust is hearty and strong, but the bread is tender. (The scooped out insides make fantastic croutons too!)

These bread bowls freeze beautifully, and they keep for a long time in the refrigerator. (We actually think the drier they are, the better they soak up the soup) 

They are available for shipping, but only if the shipping time is under 2-3 days. (Anywhere in Texas should be fine.)   As always, these are available for free delivery in Victoria, Texas. We can typically have them available by the day after the order is received.

How much are the bowls?
1 for $3.00
2 for $5.00
3 for $7.00

Order Online by clicking here: Crusty Italian Bread Bowls 

Hosting a luncheon for work or having a "souper" bowl party?   Level things up a notch by serving your gumbo, soup, beans, or chili in yummy bowls made of bread!  There is a "bulk" discount price for orders of 20 or more.  Please contact us to make arrangements for a large order.   

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