About Me

I have loved books and literature since I was a small child. Reading has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a librarian, it brought me such joy to share that love and infuse it into as many little (and big!) humans as possible. 

After thirty-two years in education, my school district decided to absorb half of the certified librarians and replace them with  paraprofessionals.  Being a librarian is not something I do; it is at the core of who I am.  I had planned on working for at least eight more years, but the parameters of my new job description were not sustainable.  I also knew I would not be able to maintain the quality and rigor I demand of myself, or give my students the time and attention our relationships required.   After a whole lot of angst, I  made the difficult decision to retire. 

These days, I can be found volunteering a few times a week at a local elementary school.   While the payment my heart receives is more than enough to keep me going, I knew I had to find a way to supplement my retirement income.   This is where the "baked" part comes in.  :) I have always enjoyed baking and gifting people with  yummy treats, so I decided to start a small business selling them.   All of my hand crafted items are created in my home, and delivered personally by me, here in the Victoria area.

I also have a book blog you can find on my home page. This is where the "booked" part comes in.  Right now there are only a few entries because every minute of every day is spent baking and figuring out how to run this thing!   I have reached out to several of my "literary" friends and the blog will hopefully grow into a place where people will be able to go for some fantastic book recommendations from eclectic readers with different tastes and interests.