Verity, by Colleen Hoover

I am way behind on my reading game!   I absolutely know I would have read this one when it was released in 2018, had I not been covered up by life and not allowing myself time for curling up with a good book.  A few days ago my friend Melissa sent me a text:  "Have you read Verity?"  Me:  "No, but I know a lot who have."  Melissa:  "It's disturbing."   
Well.   I've spent the past two days listening to the audio of this one while I baked and cleaned.  I was poised and ready for the "disturbing" to kick in...and I didn't have to wait very long!  Holy smokes!
If you are wanting a synopsis, you've come to the wrong place....i HATE reviews that give away the entire book!  But...I will give you my honest reactions. 
About an hour in, I thought I had it figured out.  Now, this is something I often do.   I have a fleeting thought about how a book will end.  But I rarely voice it, and when my suspicions are proven true, I have no way to prove that I figured it out early on.  So, I sent Melissa a text saying...
Well...I won't say what I said, because that would be a spoiler! 
I sent her a few other texts in between about how much SEX there is in this one.  Again, HOLY SMOKES! 
Then, with a little less than an hour left, I sent her a GIF from "The Office," that said, " I KNEW IT!"   Followed by, "Hope I didn't celebrate too soon; 20 minutes left." 
So.  How did it end?  Well, I wasn't exactly wrong.  But I don't know that I was absolutely right either.   Like any good suspense novel, this one leaves the reader scratching their head and asking, "What the hell did I just read?"  My mind is officially bent for the next little while, in the way only the perfect book can twist it.  
Disturbing?   Absolutely!   Worth the time, and good for an escape from life?   Yes!
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